Consultation Services

Beginning with a discovery workshop with the key stakeholders in the business, we seek to listen and understand the pain points and challenges being faced, discuss ideas and work collaboratively to ensure that the service ultimately provided is absolutely right for you.


Every client and their requirements are unique, and the consultation package provided mirrors this, whether it be planning a full strategic annual marketing plan, or simply elements of this and a steer in the right direction and take control.


Consultation services can be weekly, monthly, ad hoc or on retainer. In person at your place of work is always initially best, to gain a genuine and deep understanding of your business. 

Marketing & Business Services



  • Web and brand development
  • Market research
  • Developing on-line presence through content, SEO, social media and PR campaigns
  • Copywriting, proof reading, report generating
  • Client communications
  • Project management 
  • Organisational road mapping
  • Relationship management and business development 
  • ..........


Exclusive Events

Wilson & Wolfe provides the complete spectrum of service, from pure event management and hosting services to full end-to-end planning and production, from inception to completion. Whether that’s offering a full support package and hands-on help every step of the way, or simply careful direction, advice and management on the day.


Our experience to date has led us to work on a variety of styles of events, including; dinners and receptions, product launches, breakfast briefings, Formula 1 VIP event days, weddings, fine-wine tastings and surprise parties,

Pre & Post-event operations; plan, execute, report & learn

Hosting a great event is just one piece of the puzzle.  


To make the most of your event, a post-event strategy, prepared in advance of the event, should run in tandem to your planning.  Wilson & Wolfe provides reports in a meaningful format for proof of ROI, feedback gathering from attendees, sending personalised thank you and gifts,  managing post-event meeting setting and acting as the conduit to help conversations continue from your event.


Every event is an opportunity to sell but also to learn more about your audience and yourselves.

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Working in tandem with you or your marketing department, or acting for specific projects.

 I offer a no obligation quotation and will tell you where I can and cannot help.


Delivering Excellence 

My primary aim is to help you succeed in delivering the finest results.