Website, brand & online presence

Website Design & Brand Development

Your shop window, and your opportunity to capture the interests of potential clients in a matter of seconds. Your brand should speak volumes about you and your business.



SEO & Social Media

Not hard to understand, but it's an

on-going task that demands frequent attention..and the rewards are boundless


Proof Reading & Copywriting 

The right words, in your style and tone speak volumes.  Great content is worth concentrating your efforts on.

Don't let spelling errors and grammatical mistakes ruin an otherwise beautiful presentation.  Attention to detail is key

Website Design & Brand Development

Working with some of the most talented designers out there, we can help you to ensure your brand and you site delivers everything it needs to, as well as providing complimentary collateral, such as slick business cards, letterheads and branded items.

All of this really sets the tone for how you want your business, and you, to be perceived.

SEO & Social Media

For anyone new to these concepts, they can seem baffling and perhaps unnecessary, but they are simple and easy to get right - or wrong.  They need constant TLC and a good frame work to start off with.

Get this right and it's one of the best and simplest ways to grow your online presence, stake your claim in the market place and build loyal customers.

Proof Reading & Copywriting

When your clients operate at a high level and have discerning tastes, silly spelling punctuation and grammar mistakes can really turn customers off.

Generating high quality writing for your profiles, web and blog is a must for any marketing plan. Presentations, brochures, web copy, letters and reports. We do them all.

Wilson & Wolfe offer all this and more, to help you grow and develop your business.


Get in touch to find out more about additional services, such as;

  • Client communications
  • Relationship management
  • Project management
  • Time management and organisational tools for you and your team
  • Research in your market
  • Strategic Plans
  • PR and advertising
  • Partner Marketing
  • Cost-saving ideas


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Working in tandem with you or your marketing department, or acting for specific projects.

 I offer a no obligation quotation and will tell you where I can and cannot help.


Delivering Excellence 

My primary aim is to help you succeed in delivering the finest results.