I'm Gillian Wilson and I'm the owner and Director of Wilson & Wolfe. 


My pedigree is built upon the delivery of excellent service, customer care and painstakingly forging happy and honest client relationships.  My experience has been cultivated from over a decade of working in London's corporate marketing space, for clients of all sizes, with a multitude of different needs...and yet each has the same overarching goal: to grow their business and client base, to boost sales and to THRIVE.


These clients have ranged from global corporations, SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs to private individuals and service providers of Ultra High Net Worth clients, seeking help with their projects and deadlines, in the hands of someone they trust implicitly.


My ethos is to provide excellent service, openly and honestly, to work collaboratively  with complete dedication to the task at hand always ensuring I deliver the best results possible. With my help, I will empower you to reach your goals, I will take some of that stress off your shoulders and I will give you the right tools to help you continue our good work. 

How it works

To ensure that I provide you with the complete spectrum of top quality advice and service, I work with experts in their respective fields to bolster my services.  I work with both you and other providers collaboratively but always remain your main point of contact throughout the whole process. 


We agree upon time lines, action points and accountabilities; I ensure these are adhered to and keep focus and communication moving between all parties concerned. You invoice and pay one contact only.


Whether you're a small business needing a kick start, a bride and groom planning a wedding, or a Director of company that needs additional support in a key area, I can help.


The Wilson & Wolfe concept is built upon a collaborative working experience, to only deliver excellence.




Contact me now to arrange a no obligation meeting or call to discuss your requirements,

+44 (0)7912 794 946


Get in touch to discover more:

info@wilsonandwolfe.com / +44 (0)7912 7949 46


Working in tandem with you or your marketing department, or acting for specific projects.

 I offer a no obligation quotation and will tell you where I can and cannot help.


Delivering Excellence 

My primary aim is to help you succeed in delivering the finest results.